Republican Party Caught Committing Widespread Voter Fraud

Election officials in several states have uncovered fraudulent voter registration forms submitted by Strategic Allied Consulting, a voter-registration firm created recently to manage GOP registration efforts.

The firm was hired by state Republican parties at the insistence of the Republican National Committee and has already been paid about $3.1 million this year alone to register voters. The firm has been most active in Colorado, Florida, Nevada, North Carolina, and Virginia – all battleground states in the presidential election.

The RNC urged the state GOP in seven swing states to hire the firm, despite the fact that the man who runs it, Nathan Sproul, has owned firms that committed election fraud in the past, including suppressing votes. Major media outlets have reported that RNC officials asked Sproul to set up the new firm so that his past activities would not be linked. Sproul is widely known to have close ties to prominent Republicans.

Sproul served as Executive Director for the Arizona Republican Party from 1999 to 2002. Sproul’s Lincoln Strategy Group was paid about $70,000 by the Mitt Romney campaign during the primaries to gather signatures.

The Los Angeles Times reported that Republican officials were so concerned with the many scandals surrounding Sproul and his previous work, that they asked him to set up the shell corporation to hide payments to him. Sproul’s real firms carry the name Sproul and Associates and Lincoln Strategy Group.

The Times also reported that the Republican Party of California might have its own deal with Sproul, and is also attempting to hide it from the public. The California Republican Party has made at least $430,840 in payments to “Grassroots Outreach, LLC” this cycle for voter registration. Grassroots Outreach shares the same address as Sproul’s office in Tempe, Arizona.

In 2004, Sproul managed an $8 million voter outreach program for Republicans. His employees were caught destroying voter registration forms turned in by Democrats and other illegal activities in Nevada, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Minnesota and West Virginia. Sproul’s firms in the past deceived people in voter registration drives, most prominently at Wal-Mart stores. CBS News reported faxes they received showing Sproul’s firm misrepresenting themselves as the left-leaning America Votes! group.

In 2004, a voter registration worker in Nevada hired by Sproul’s firm told reporters he witnessed his supervisors chucking registration forms signed by Democrats. “They were thrown away in the trash,” the worker claimed. Sproul’s canvassers in Oregon confessed to doing the same thing. In Minnesota, workers said they were actually fired for bringing in registration forms signed by Democrats. Other reports emerged across several swing states.

In 2008, John McCain’s campaign used a firm associated with Sproul, paying it at least $175,000.

 In recent days, election officials in at least ten Florida counties have found fraudulent forms, including many that listed dead people. Strategic employees also turned in registrations with phony names and addresses, according to NBC News. In other cases, the name on the application didn’t match the signature or multiple signatures look like they were signed by the same person.

According to Florida election officials, the Republican Party of Florida’s third party organization has registered 46,000 voters in the state. Florida election officials have so far found hundreds of voter registrations in ten Florida counties with irregularities and could eventually uncover tens of thousands of fraudulent registrations.

Republican efforts to change voter addresses would create situations where voters would be denied their vote or be forced to cast provisional ballots, many of which are never counted in final vote tallies.

Recently, an employee of the firm working out of Colorado Springs was caught saying to a potential voter that she only wanted to register Republicans and that she worked for the county clerk’s office. Colorado’s Republican Party spent $140,000 in June with the firm and $326,000 in July, and likely more money since.

Florida’s St. Augustine Record on Friday posted audio of a volunteer affiliated with the Republican Party of Clay County telling voters that the president is “a Muslim” who will “get rid of your Medicare” and wants to turn American into “a socialistic country.”

In Riverside County, California there have been numerous allegations that someone affiliated with the GOP is deceiving voters to re-register as Republicans and offering incentives, including free cigarettes, for signatures. So far, 133 Democratic voters have filed affidavits which likely means several thousand voters have been deceived. One voter complained that his registration was changed to Republican after he signed what he thought was a petition to legalize marijuana. Another said he was told he was signing a petition to lower the price of gasoline. Reports indicate that minorities are being targeting.

 Now that election officials have uncovered widespread fraud across numerous states, the national Republican Party and state parties are cutting ties with Nathan Sproul and Strategic Allied Partners. In press releases, Republican Party officials have stated that the fraud was committed by one employee even though there are documented cases of fraud in numerous states.

These latest incidents involving the Republican Party come after GOP-led state legislatures in numerous states have been accused of enacting laws to restrict voting. Voting rights advocates have charged that Republicans are disenfranchising millions of voters likely to vote Democrat.

The Brennan Center for Justice at NYU wrote, “This November, restrictive voter ID states will provide 127 electoral votes—nearly half of the 270 needed to win the presidency. Therefore, the ability of eligible citizens without photo ID to obtain one could have a major influence on the outcome of the 2012 election.”

Note: According to 9News, the young woman registering voters outside of the Safeway store worked for the Romney campaign and was still working for them weeks later. Other accounts have indicated that she was wearing a Mormon Church ring.