Think about it. One of the reasons the attacks in Paris were successful is that the terrorist cells took their conversations off of mainstream social media and began using encrypted applications to communicate with each other. We do not have a way to combat that problem either. ISIS doesn’t need to enter the USA. They can recruit people to their cause the way they’ve been doing it all along, by targeting disaffected youth online, and radicalizing them in place, right here in our country.

The people we need to worry about the most are probably already HERE. How many agents do we have to watch all of social media for the signs of recruiting? If we take in refugees who have had their lives completely RUINED by these psychopaths do you think they might possibly have an interest in reporting any untoward activity in their new neighborhood? Do you think they would be motivated to speak up if they overheard a conversation that sounded suspicious? I don’t speak Arabic, do you? Could there possibly be a benefit to having 10,000 native speakers enter our country and help us root out the bad guys?

The Syrian refugees are frightened now. Once they are safe and settled, fear is going to turn to rage against the murderers who chased them out of their homes, and likely slaughtered many people they love. I trust the Syrians. I am confident that if we help them in their time of need, they will want to defend their new home just as much as they want vengeance for what was taken from them. Stop thinking of them as refugees and start picturing them as future Americans! It’s a good look for us.


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