Open Letter to Bernie Sanders Supporters

This is the most important election of our lives. This may be your first time at the rodeo, but this rodeo is not like any of the others that came before it. This time, our rights are not protected by the Voting Rights Act. There is no margin for error. We cannot merely win, we must win by a landslide to make up for the inevitable cheating the Republicans will perpetrate everywhere the opportunity presents itself. If we lose, we cannot make it up in the next election. There will be no “next election” for non-conservatives, the GOP will make sure of that.

The next president will be selecting 3 – 4 new justices to serve life terms on the Supreme Court. If the Democratic Party nominee wins, we have the chance to shift the balance of the SCOTUS to the most staunchly liberal position in history. If civil liberties matter to you, this should be your goal above all else.

If the Republican nominee wins, the Supreme Court will be re-populated with the most dangerous hardcore conservative religious zealots to ever sit the bench. And they will control this nation for DECADES.

Your vote has absolutely nothing to do with a revolution. Please stop with that childishness. You are adults. You have a responsibility that will have repercussions for everyone for the rest of our lives. There is a time for risk and a time for extreme caution. There is a time to make a point with your political voice, and there is a time when winning is a matter of life and death. Your vote isn’t about what you want, it’s about who you are.

The Democratic Party nominee will likely be Hillary Clinton. Whether you like it or not, supporting our candidate is the only way to keep the Supreme Court out of Republican hands. Refusing to do your part is certainly a statement- it is the ultimate expression of white privilege.

If you are willing to let a Republican win this election, you are a misogynist, because you are willing to gamble with Roe v. Wade. Not only will abortion be made universally illegal across the country, but further steps will be taken to outlaw birth control and investigate miscarriages as potential homicides. The bills are already written and waiting for the repeal of Roe v. Wade. Hundreds of bills are waiting, in every conservative state, for that one SCOTUS decision that will pitch women back into the dark ages.

If you are willing to let a Republican win this election, you are anti-LGBT, because you are willing to let every same-sex marriage be dissolved and allow such unions to be banned. Adoptions will be reversed and children who were raised by same-sex couples will end up in foster care. Again, the bills are written, waiting for the right SCOTUS to gut civil liberties.

If you are willing to let a Republican win this election, you are not concerned with the health and well-being of your fellow Americans. The ACA will be repealed immediately, along with every program that provides health care to the needy, elderly, veterans and disabled. Privatization will push healthcare out of the reach of most people. The seriously ill will die first, then those with pre-existing conditions who cannot continue treatment. Infant mortality will skyrocket. Quality of life will be reserved for the financially secure, as the rest of us go bankrupt and lose our homes due to hospital bills.

If you are willing to let a Republican win this election, you are an unconscionable bigot of the lowest order, callously dooming MILLIONS of innocent civilians to death in the next inevitable war started by the new GOP president. All of the GOP candidates have promised to tear up the peace agreement with Iran. If you are willing to gamble this fragile treaty, even as Iranians show their hope and optimism with their own democratic elections, you are unabashedly a racist, viewing the lives of Middle Eastern people as disposable.

If you are willing to let a Republican win this election, you are a nihilist, willing to bet the very last opportunity we will EVER have of stopping global warming before it reaches the point of no return. This is it. There are no second chances. A loss in this particular election will keep the dark money in politics, geometrically expanding it past any chance of having a truly free democratic election in this nation for many decades. How much damage did George Bush manage to do to our country, our lives, our planet, in just eight years? How much damage will the Republican Party do to the world if they are in control for SEVERAL DECADES?

Famine, disease, drought and suffering will be commonplace around the globe. Yes, that is how important this ONE election really IS. Your actions have repercussions, and you will be sharing the planet with the people you fucked over. And we will know who did it and why.

Think about that.