Open Letter to Bernie Sanders Supporters

This is the most important election of our lives. This may be your first time at the rodeo, but this rodeo is not like any of the others that came before it. This time, our rights are not protected by the Voting Rights Act. There is no margin for error. We cannot merely win, we must win by a landslide to make up for the inevitable cheating the Republicans will perpetrate everywhere the opportunity presents itself. If we lose, we cannot make it up in the next election. There will be no “next election” for non-conservatives, the GOP will make sure of that.

The next president will be selecting 3 – 4 new justices to serve life terms on the Supreme Court. If the Democratic Party nominee wins, we have the chance to shift the balance of the SCOTUS to the most staunchly liberal position in history. If civil liberties matter to you, this should be your goal above all else.

If the Republican nominee wins, the Supreme Court will be re-populated with the most dangerous hardcore conservative religious zealots to ever sit the bench. And they will control this nation for DECADES.

Your vote has absolutely nothing to do with a revolution. Please stop with that childishness. You are adults. You have a responsibility that will have repercussions for everyone for the rest of our lives. There is a time for risk and a time for extreme caution. There is a time to make a point with your political voice, and there is a time when winning is a matter of life and death. Your vote isn’t about what you want, it’s about who you are.

The Democratic Party nominee will likely be Hillary Clinton. Whether you like it or not, supporting our candidate is the only way to keep the Supreme Court out of Republican hands. Refusing to do your part is certainly a statement- it is the ultimate expression of white privilege.

If you are willing to let a Republican win this election, you are a misogynist, because you are willing to gamble with Roe v. Wade. Not only will abortion be made universally illegal across the country, but further steps will be taken to outlaw birth control and investigate miscarriages as potential homicides. The bills are already written and waiting for the repeal of Roe v. Wade. Hundreds of bills are waiting, in every conservative state, for that one SCOTUS decision that will pitch women back into the dark ages.

If you are willing to let a Republican win this election, you are anti-LGBT, because you are willing to let every same-sex marriage be dissolved and allow such unions to be banned. Adoptions will be reversed and children who were raised by same-sex couples will end up in foster care. Again, the bills are written, waiting for the right SCOTUS to gut civil liberties.

If you are willing to let a Republican win this election, you are not concerned with the health and well-being of your fellow Americans. The ACA will be repealed immediately, along with every program that provides health care to the needy, elderly, veterans and disabled. Privatization will push healthcare out of the reach of most people. The seriously ill will die first, then those with pre-existing conditions who cannot continue treatment. Infant mortality will skyrocket. Quality of life will be reserved for the financially secure, as the rest of us go bankrupt and lose our homes due to hospital bills.

If you are willing to let a Republican win this election, you are an unconscionable bigot of the lowest order, callously dooming MILLIONS of innocent civilians to death in the next inevitable war started by the new GOP president. All of the GOP candidates have promised to tear up the peace agreement with Iran. If you are willing to gamble this fragile treaty, even as Iranians show their hope and optimism with their own democratic elections, you are unabashedly a racist, viewing the lives of Middle Eastern people as disposable.

If you are willing to let a Republican win this election, you are a nihilist, willing to bet the very last opportunity we will EVER have of stopping global warming before it reaches the point of no return. This is it. There are no second chances. A loss in this particular election will keep the dark money in politics, geometrically expanding it past any chance of having a truly free democratic election in this nation for many decades. How much damage did George Bush manage to do to our country, our lives, our planet, in just eight years? How much damage will the Republican Party do to the world if they are in control for SEVERAL DECADES?

Famine, disease, drought and suffering will be commonplace around the globe. Yes, that is how important this ONE election really IS. Your actions have repercussions, and you will be sharing the planet with the people you fucked over. And we will know who did it and why.

Think about that.





58 thoughts on “Open Letter to Bernie Sanders Supporters

    • You need to wake up corruption is the democratic process , you don’t think we know what is going on ? The charges of voter fraud , the media blackouts , the biased corrupt DNC chair Debbie ? You are putting Trump in the white house by ignoring our candidate ? It is your fault in this election , we are democrats , independents , and republicans , and a large number of us will never vote the establishment corrupt candidate of your choosing ! We will vote for Bernie one way or another . in our eyes a Hillary nomination is your Trump presidency , you make your choice ! We will make ours tell Hillary to drop out and get real integrity in the white house !

      • I second that Sandy. This needed to be said. hehe If Hillary wins the nomination it will only be because her and her DNC buddies and corporate buddies stole the votes. And you think we should reward her with our votes. She is Not better than Trump. I don’t like Trump but I absolutely Hate Hillary. I may hate her enough to vote for Trump myself. Right now though it’s Bernie or Bust for me. The DNC turned into the Republican party when Bill Clinton took office. The republican party became the party of the insane when Reagan was president. Maybe it’s time for the true liberals to take back the party and bring some love and caring back to this country. This article is nothing but fear mongering, dont fall for it.

        • Really how can I take someone who throws in a (hehe) while discussing OUR very lives. You state what the republicans have BEEN saying for the last 30 years. This is not fear mongering but COLD HARD facts and you are apparently ignorant as to the hard knocks of reality. Ignorance is no excuse. One can always educate themselves, however stupid can’t be fixed. Thank you in advance for destroying what it took the WOMEN of my generation YEARS to accomplish.

          • You want some cold hard facts: here are some……….”The Democrats, and in particular Hillary and Bill Clinton, are responsible as much as anyone on the right for our being sacrificed on the altar of corporate profit. They told the same lies as the right-wingers. They fed the same hate. They too orchestrated the corporate coup. The Clintons removed from the Democratic Party platform the progressive stances championed by Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Coalition. They spoke early in their careers in the coded racism of “law and order.” They transformed the Democratic Party into the old Republican Party. They unleashed the predators of Wall Street and the fossil fuel industry. They stripped us of our civil liberties, championed endless war and empowered the arms industry and agencies such as Homeland Security to suck the marrow out of the federal budget. The Clintons and the Democratic Party filled the prisons and destroyed welfare. And under President Obama it has gotten worse. Obama authorized the assassination of U.S. citizens. He signed into law legislation that permits the military to act as a domestic police force and detain U.S. citizens indefinitely without due process. He and the Democratic Party establishment are attempting to ram new trade agreements down our throats.” Chris Hedges” Hillary and Bill are TRAITORS, They are republicans in disguise. Bernie or Bust!!!!!!! You want to bully us in line. NOT HAPPENING. The DNC will be destroyed if Hillary steals the nomination. It’s time for real change or revolution.

      • What charges of voter fraud? Hillary is ahead of Bernie by 2.5 million votes in the primaries. 2.5 million. Is that lead due to voter fraud? Links, please, that 2.5 million votes for Hillary can be attributed to voter fraud.

        What “media blackouts”? The last time I counted, a couple of weeks ago, Bernie had only slightly fewer articles listed at the Washington Post than Hillary did. Actually, I’ve read DOZENS of articles by respected news outlets about how Bernie is doing so well, waking up the Democratic party, etc. etc. Where is the “media blackout”?

        Who is “ignoring your candidate”?

        And all of this, your adoration of Bernie, makes you willing to throw millions of Americans under the bus if the Republicans take the Whtie House? You care more about Bernie than you care about people.. people who live every day in this country and go to school and work and raise children and get sick and go to school and retire? You don’t care about those people.. All you care about is Bernie? What has he ever done for you that you are so willing to throw millions under the bus for him?

        If you really believe that a “Hillary nomination is a Trump presidency”, I don’t know why I am bothering to reply to you. You have some kind of serious deficit in comprehension.

  1. If I could figure out how to share this on social media, would I have your permission to do so? I just listed these very arguments on Hillary’s FB page to a Bernie supporter who claimed that if Bernie wasn’t the nominee or made the Veep by HRC he would sit out the entire election. You’ve obviously read the same many times over. My post wasn’t nearly as brilliantly written – kudos to you. This attitude makes me very afraid for our country. I’m a 67 year old UC Berkeley graduate who was a high school activist during the free speech movement, rallied with the Black Panthers, was a peripheral member of AIM, had an illegal abortion in Juarez, Mexico as an 18 y/o at Berkeley – you spoke to my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    • I’m 63, and right with you. I believe you can share it on Facebook by copying it, and pasting as a post. I’ve done this many times in situations like this.

    • Thanks for having some sense. I am 64 and I also fear for our country. I read these comments here and I’m stunned at the lack of understanding of issues. And I’m stunned at how many are willing to trash Hillary when she and Bernie voted the same way 93% of the time when they were in the Senate together. They’ve completely bought into 30 years of right-wing propaganda against the Clintons.

  2. Bernie Sanders is the best candidate to unify the democratic party, to defeat Trump, and to gain seats in congress. Many progressives are refusing to support and to vote for Hillary who is a corporate shill and a democrat in name only Knowing this is it time for Hillary to drop out of the race?

  3. It really is galling that the Clintons are the best the Dems have to offer. They are the most corporate Democrats out there. There is no denying that. Most of us have had to rationalize the Clintons bad acts for over 20 years. We have had to say hey it is not bad that the President has affairs. It does not affect his judgement. Hello? That is bad judgement. We have had to say oh Hillary slightly exaggerated when she said she landed in Bosnia under sniper fire when video showed she was greeted by school children on the tarmac. We have had to stomach Bill Clinton’s pardoning people that paid for those pardons in campaign contributions. We have had to deal with the aftermath of bad policy after bad policy from Welfare reform that has left poor women to be in menial jobs with little room for advancement. Then there is the drug wars and sentencing Then there is Nafta. So when you say unite behind Hillary Clinton….she is GOP lite.

    • Your post proves to me and others that we are dealing with an uneducated, yet another ” self-entitled youth.” You went on throw out affairs, Bosnia, welfare reform, drugs wars, (btw were you even born in 1990?) and last but not least NAFTA. Hillary wasn’t in the senate in 1993 and could not have voted for NAFTA. She was just the first Lady. DO you ever care that Bernie Sanders voted against the amber alert? Do you even care that BS voted FIVE TIMES against the Brady bill? The parents of Sandy Hook massacre do. Do you even care that sanders voted against HR3088 denying women the right to know if their rapist had HIV? Careful your ignorance and childish GOP lite responses are obvious.

  4. I find it disturbing that Bernie supporters are being spoken to like children. “Ok…You’ve had your fun. Now pick up all your little revolution postings and put them away…”
    Perhaps its time that the Hillary camp face some facts. After seeing the obstructionism that the right offered President Obama, do you really think they will let their arch-nemesis accomplish anything? A Hillary Presidency would probably get the same treatment from the right.
    This primary is NOT over. Stop acting like it is.

    • If not… The why would you reply as if you are? No one said the primary is over. The things that were listed on this article are DAMED IMPORTANT TO ALL OUR LIVES. What we are saying is this election is to important to throw our very lives away on uneducated voters and childish actions.

  5. Everything you say here should actually be turned around and spoken to Hillary’s supporters. What part of “registered Independents now outnumber either Democrats or Republicans” is it that you still refuse to grasp? You think all Sanders supporters are just naughty, misguided Democrats? Open. Your. Eyes. The vast majority of them are backing someone running as a Democrat ONLY because of who that person is, and have zero obligation or desire to vote–ever–for a corrupt substitute with a track record of horrendous policies and judgment, who is the darling of the incredibly corrupt DNC and corporate media. I suppose it’s beneath you, or maybe just outside the narrow box you choose to inhabit, to consider that multiple polls have shown Sanders with a better chance of defeating any Republican candidate, including Trump, than Clinton. If what used to be the Democratic Party of FDR, but is now just another rightist, beholden to Wall Street and corporate donors, dependent upon dirty tricks to protect incumbents institution, loses the White House, it (and you) have no one to blame but yourselves.

  6. Yep, feeling the love from the Clinton supporters.

    I say “Please stop settling for the same old same old and work to rescue our government – you know, of the people, by the people and for the people – from the oligarchs.”

  7. BTW – you might think you’re “liberalas fuck” but if you are a Clinton supporter you simply aren’t liberal.

    Because she isn’t.

    Just a guess here, but I’m guessing you came of political age during Bill CLinton’s presidency.

    Pro tip: he wasn’t isn’t liberal either (Neither is Obama)

    Signed: Your friend, liberalasfucksincetheearly60s.

  8. So hey, a lot of the reason that our country has been on the decline over the past decade or so is because the Republican party has gotten increasingly unwilling to compromise and acknowledge legitimacy of other viewpoints, right? It’s been a problem because people have been voting as a block based on political ideology, rather than what’s actually in the best interest of their constituents, right? So, with that in mind, is this really supposed to be a compelling argument? ‘Hey, those guys are ruining our country. We should act in the exact same way and do the exact same thing!’ I’m going to vote for whoever I agree with the most, and that may or may not be Secretary Clinton. Probably not, since she’s a hawkish interventionist that claims to support the working class while putting forward distinctly neo-liberal policies. But I’m not going to vote based on fear, or on some belief that this is just how things are. So take your petty insults and shove them.

  9. How is this for a message….Go fuck yourself. You don’t know me. How dare you insult my intelligence and acuse me of being “childish” for wanting real change. You’ve reduced yourself to the same fear mongering tactics republicans are infamous for. Polls show that Bernie beats Trump and Cruz in the general election — in some cases HRC either doesn’t or Bernie does by a wider margin. Bernie has come from way behind with historic speed, despite media blackout and the Clinton’s name recognition. Up 40 percentage points in two weeks in some places. Do you know why that is??? Because they are getting to know him. The only question is, how fast it can spread and how fast it can reach the other side. You fight fire with fire…and that’s what Bernie inspires. All of that energy behind him – 10,000 to HRC’s 1,000 rally participants will dissipate if he is not the nominee. Sure, many of us would hold our noses and vote across party lines, but campaign for her? Phonebank for her? Donate to her? Not a fucking chance. Good luck with that versus the Trump machine. For the record, I am a 45 woman, educated, own two businesses, work day in and day out for the top .0001% of the wealthiest people on earth, am a single mom, half Latin, and will be one of those few people who will actually have to pay a bit more in taxes under Bernie’s tax reform plan and I am happy to do it. I also happen to have met your HRC and have witnessed first hand her Jeckyll and Hyde antics. For the record, Bernie won every single county in Vermont, so your comments on other rants about people who know him don’t like him…are clearly as off base as the rest of your comments.

      • THIS ~ Is the pivotal paragraph in Joshua’s admonition to ‘abandon’ Bernie Sanders campaign before Dem’s actually choose their candidate. I believe it applies far more to Clinton supporters than to Bernie Sanders supporters. The Vote IS about both ‘what you want’ and about ‘who you are’. Pay attention Kiddies! AFTER the Dem candidate is chosen, then that would be the time for a ‘get behind our candidate’ post such as this one. Not while Dem’s are still in the process of making that choice.

        “Your vote has absolutely nothing to do with a revolution. Please stop with that childishness. You are adults. You have a responsibility that will have repercussions for everyone for the rest of our lives. There is a time for risk and a time for extreme caution. There is a time to make a point with your political voice, and there is a time when winning is a matter of life and death. Your vote isn’t about what you want, it’s about who you are.”

    • I have “know Bernie Sanders since he first made Mayor of Burlington. My family lived there, your response is not surprising. There seem to be loads of angry people who LOVE to support yet another anger person. Maybe you should start acting your age.

    • Lisa, if you are a 45 year old woman why don’t you talk like one? You talk disgusting! Cursing like that is nasty. F this and F that! You don’t impress anyone. You say you are a mother! You should be a better role model!

  10. It is Bernie or Bust. Nothing will change that. Hillary supporters who are scared of a GOP victory should switch to Bernie if they do not want to see the GOP win. Every poll shows that he is the best candidate to defeat Trump and to gain us seats in congress by getting more voters out.

    • Tim, you are wrong, they do not show that! They all show Hilary beating Trump and Cruz. You are looking at the fake GOP polls. Bernie has no clue how to implement anything. Just like he hasn’t done a darn thing the whole time in Washington! Why is it he has no support from his colleagues??? BECAUSE THEY KNOW HIM! He is useless.

    • Again with the polls, nope I don’t believe in them, they are too easy to manipulate. In addition I wont apologize for being an adult and YES FEARING for my RIGHTS AS A WOMEN. The republicans will take those away from us. As a man I would never expect you to understand. Vote Blue…

  11. Hillary Clinton is a republican-lite corporatist and a warhawk. I cannot with honest conscience put her in office. If she wins I say let the baby boomers finish burning down the house. Maybe we millennials can build something better atop the ashes.

    This is the reckoning for their mistakes, for their carelessness, and for their greed.

  12. If democrats what to win this election, Have someone worth voting for! I will not vote for the corporate shill, the lair and a thief that is Clinton. If democrats lose this election because they sold out. So be it. Bernie or bust!

  13. All of you Hillary bashing Bernie supporters continually turn me further away from Mr. Sanders. Pres. Obama has done a tremendous job and the 90’s with Bill Clinton were the best years for me financially. I am a middle class blue collar female. Where were all of you who suddenly know so much in 2000 when GWB took over and nearly destroyed our country. If you do not support the nominee, you are guilty of the consequences. Again, if you will stop TRASHING Hillary, I intend to vote for Bernie, because I care enough about you and US, but don’t make it so damn hard for me. Be fair and generous. Mr Sanders is NOT the only viable candidate. Progress takes time, sometimes. He is so “in your face” that he will surely be met with TOTAL resistance.

    • And everytime I get called a “Republican troll,” “Karl Rove,” “a waste of space” and an “idiot” by Hillary supporters, or get shamed and screamed at that I NEED to vote for Hillary in November, or else I will be to blame for Trump becoming President…. that just turns us Bernie supporters off as well. I have NEVER personally attacked Hillary supporters for their choice. But when I point out something that is a simple fact, they either immediately start personally attacking me… or they try to accuse me of being a Republican. Every Bernie supporter I know has reported the same thing… that they get personally attacked more by Hillary supporters than they do by Trump supporters (as bad as THEY are). And I completely disagree about your “in your face” comment. Bernie has been doing this for 40 years. He actually gets support on both sides of the aisle. He gets respect, and he is not naive. But I am sick and tired of being accused of “trashing” Hillary simply for pointing out something that may actually be factual. That is NOT trashing someone or bashing them. If we can’t call out someone on their actual words, or actions, or votes, or if they flip flopped on a particular issue, that that is truly sad. It’s like if your child steals something, and you go to the parent and show them proof of their kid stealing, and instead of them punishing their child, they scream at you for having the nerve to point out an actual fact. Now, if someone on Hillary’s side points out something negative about Bernie… and if it’s actually true (and I don’t mean that it’s just a half truth… but 100% true), then I’m not gonna bash them for simply stating a truth. But every time I try to point out anything about Hillary, that is something she actually said or did, I get yelled at. It’s not my fault if she said or did that particular thing, is it?? I mean, I have been a big supporter of Obama, but there are many things he has done that I simply do NOT like or agree on. I will call him out on it. That doesn’t mean I am a Republican, does it? I am just calling bullshit when I see it.

    • That’s been my response, I was the first one out of the box to say vote blue no matter who, I stood up for both him and Hillary BUT the BS supporters took my respect for the democratic and our need to keep the white house blue as an insult to BS. His supporters with their anger, foul mouths, racist insults, sexist comments have made my mind up. I hate him…They don’t care about “we the people” BUT I DO sadly they only care about themselves. If I must I will hold my nose, vomit and vote for him but, that’s it I don’t want to be associated with anyone of that caliper.

  14. I was totally agreeing with this, until it started calling people who wouldn’t do what it wants, “misogynists” and “anti-LGBT”.

    Apparently you cannot conceive that one can be a Democrat, a liberal, very concerned about the makeup of the future Supreme Court, and yet not obsessed with women’s rights, and pretty much indifferent to the concerns of people of non-standard sexuality.

    This document is an example what happens when people only talk with people who think exactly as they do.

    The way to win a NATIONAL election is to pick out and emphasize one or more of the sheaf of concerns that make up your party’s core beliefs whic a MAJORITY of Americans are iikely also to be concerned about. This does the opposite of that. And, worse, it starts with the concerns that are the opposite of that, and immediately tries to shame us for not caring about them.

    • You really don’t care about women’s access to reproductive health care? Their ability to make choices for themselves? You don’t care civil rights for LGBT people? But you still claim you are a Democrat? Based on what? What kind of issues make you a Democrat if not a basic respect for civil rights of others?

  15. i am reading this and i am thinking every single point is a valid reason to support Bernie. i mean this could not have been better written by the Sanders people, it is time to flush away the liars and the corruption and the politics as usual and put someone in charge who tells the truth, even if the truth is painful because with the truth comes an awakening and then real change. this is a fantasic article and a great read for anyone thinking of dumping the Clinton clan. love it.

  16. Excuse me… but this is NOT my first rodeo. I am 46 years old, and I voted twice for Obama. I have also stupidly voted for Bush (the first time around), of which I deeply regret. I have never been a fan of the Clintons and think they are the worst the Democratic Party has to offer. I have been a lifelong independent, and I consider myself a progressive liberal. I hate Trump. I hate Cruz. I would never vote for either. But if you think I will vote for a Democratic candidate who takes large amounts of money from the very people she claims she will fight (Wall Street), then I have one thing to say to you: NEVER! I won’t vote for someone who says they will overturn Citizens United, as they are benefitting from that very same law, which would put her in office. I will not vote for someone who claims she is now against the TPP, even as she helped created it and spent FIVE YEARS going all around the world selling it and calling it the “gold standard.” If you think she won’t quickly go back to supporting it once she becomes president, you are extremely naive. I will not vote for someone who made such a horrible decision to vote for the Iraq War, instead of for someone who quickly realized what a load of crap that WMD reason was. (I admit that I fell for Bush’s reasons… but I’m not running for president, am I?). I will not vote for someone who was so careless with classified information, as to use her own email account. I will not vote for someone who goes to polling places (along with her husband) and knowingly breaks the law by campaigning in and near polling places. I will not vote for someone who caused such a mess in Libya and the middle east, which is one of the reasons why ISIS has gotten so strong… and which would quickly get us back into war as president. I will not vote for her for many reasons.

    And I don’t want to hear the whole “Supreme Court argument” as to why I NEED to vote Democrat-at-all-costs. Obama put forth a possible judge who is just a pro-corporate Wall Street weasel. Is this the best we can do as liberals??? It’s a fact that some of the worst policies in recent years (the TPP being the worst offender) have been passed by Democrats. It is time to stop thinking that Democrats are the “good guys”. They sell out our liberal values left and right, and we just go along with it. There is no oversight, no accountability. They are Democrat, so that makes their transgressions okay??? I don’t think so.

    So no, I will NOT vote for Hillary, any more than I would vote for Trump or Cruz. I will ONLY vote for Bernie Sanders. I will NEVER vote for Hillary. Not because I am trying to “help” Trump win. Not because I would be trying to spite her, should my own candidate were to lose. But because I refuse to vote for the lesser of 2 evils. And I consider Hillary to just simply be a slightly lesser of 2 evils than Trump or Cruz. I will ONLY vote for someone I trust and believe in. That person is Bernie Sanders. The DNC has done everything they can to silence him and us… but yet, if she wins the nomination, they expect us to just simply fall into line and vote for her… because, ya know… she’s a Democrat. Yeah, I don’t think so. To me, if you vote for Hillary, you are ultimately voting for Trump. I want no part of either of them.

    • So: 1. You have bought into the 30 years of brainwashing and propaganda about the Clintons. Thirty years, millions of tax payer dollars, and all the Republicans came up with is a blow job and skirt chasing.. by Bill.
      2. Because you believe the Republican propaganda (which has been used by the uber-left to great effect) you are also willing to throw millions of Americans who will be harmed by Republican Hell (could be worse this time around than it was in 2000) just so you can cling to your misconceptions about Hillary Clinton. You care more about hating Hillary Clinton and believing all of the crap that has been thrown at her for the past 30 years than you do about the people of this country.
      3. You justify your willingness to have people thrown off of SSDI, food stamps, other social safety net programs, you justify your willingness to let a Republican appoint justices to the Supreme Court which may result in a return to coat hanger abortions, a reduction in birth control availability, a reduction overall in healthcare… This is all just fine with you as long as you get to cling to your hatred of Hillary.

  17. THIS ~ Is the pivotal paragraph in Joshua’s admonition to ‘abandon’ Bernie Sanders campaign before Dem’s actually choose their candidate. I believe it applies far more to Clinton supporters than to Bernie Sanders supporters. The Vote IS about both ‘what you want’ and about ‘who you are’. Pay attention Kiddies! AFTER the Dem candidate is chosen, then that would be the time for a ‘get behind our candidate’ post such as this one. Not while Dem’s are still in the process of making that choice.

    “Your vote has absolutely nothing to do with a revolution. Please stop with that childishness. You are adults. You have a responsibility that will have repercussions for everyone for the rest of our lives. There is a time for risk and a time for extreme caution. There is a time to make a point with your political voice, and there is a time when winning is a matter of life and death. Your vote isn’t about what you want, it’s about who you are.”

  18. last chance to….elect another corporate puppet who lies and will say anything to get elected, but then will turn around and softpeddle regressive actions, and democrats will be too weak-willed and scared to question her because she has a D by her name so they’ll allow shit they would never allow if Trump were for it? Shillary is Republican-Lite. Her policies are less progressive than Nixon’s. Think about that. She’s LESS PROGRESSIVE THAN NIXON. And despite the fact she’s parroting Bernie literally word for word right now, anyone with halfa brain can look at her record and she the only interests she serves is those of her own.

    Why the FUCK would we line up behind that? And why the FUCK wouldn’t you vote for a REAL progressive?

    If you want to support corrupt politicians, go join the Republicans and GTFO

    • Since Hillary and Bernie voted the same way when they were in the Senate together 93%.. .YES NINETY-THREE percent of the time.. (and that’s a big percentage for those who are math challenged), then that must mean that Bernie is a 93% corporate puppet? He is 93% “Republican lite”? He is “93% less progressive than Nixon”?

      You can’t have it both ways… You can’t trash Hillary Clinton and exalt a man whose voting record is 93% the same as hers. Not only that, but, in their 30 different votes, 7 of them were on immigration… Hillary was on the more progressive side.

      And you may not know that the “corporate puppet” Hillary Clinton actually received a LOWER mark than Bernie in 2007 from the “corporate” US Chamber of Commerce. Yes.. it’s GOOD that progressive legislators get reasonably low marks from the “corporate” chamber.. And Hillary’s chamber marks are in the same range as those of Bernie.

      They both received very low ratings from the Koch Brothers’ Americans for Prosperity raters.

      Since you are ranting and raving and fuming and steaming about Hilllary and buying into all of the right-wing b.s. about her, can you explain how such a corporate stooge is rated so poorly by conservative rating groups? And rated highly.. just about as highly as Bernie.. by liberal rating groups? Or are all of those groups “corporate stooges” as well?

      And what does any of this have to do with your willingness to throw millions of Americans under the bus if they do not also fall at the altar of the Great Perfect Being Bernie. How progressive of you to not give two cents about human beings that will be harmed by a new tenure in Republican Hell.

      • You must understand that the votes Bernie and Hillary agreed on were minor in importance compared to the votes they differed on. such as :The Iraq War (S: No, C: Yes)
        The Wall Street TARP bailout (S: No, C: Yes)
        Tax credits for renewable fuels (S: Yes, C: No)
        Estate tax breaks for millionaires (S: No, C: Yes) Clinton has been and will vote for the TPP. Sanders is against TPP. Sanders is for Medicare for All. Hillary likes the ACA the way it is, but may tweak it a tiny bit. Sanders wants to close Guantanamo not Hillary.Hillary loves the prison industrial complex not Bernie. Bernie wants free education not Hillary. Lets face it on the things that really matter in life they do not agree.

  19. If you are voting for the “lesser of two evils” who are both corrupt, you are voting for the wrong reason.

    If you are voting for one candidate just because they have a letter by their name and won’t question them, you are voting for the wrong reasons.

    If you are voting because of fear, you are voting for the wrong reason, and congratulations, the Two Party System has ensnared you.

    If you are suffering from these conditions, you might need to look into Bernie Sanders and tell your friends to do the same. Because all of us have a vote and a right to fight for real progressive values. And choosing a puppet who is beholden to Wall Street or a puppet who is beholden to the Oil/Fracking Industry is no choice at all. And it’s about time we take a stand against corruption. That’s what Bernie is all about.

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