Open Letter to Bernie Sanders Supporters

This is the most important election of our lives. This may be your first time at the rodeo, but this rodeo is not like any of the others that came before it. This time, our rights are not protected by the Voting Rights Act. There is no margin for error. We cannot merely win, we must win by a landslide to make up for the inevitable cheating the Republicans will perpetrate everywhere the opportunity presents itself. If we lose, we cannot make it up in the next election. There will be no “next election” for non-conservatives, the GOP will make sure of that.

The next president will be selecting 3 – 4 new justices to serve life terms on the Supreme Court. If the Democratic Party nominee wins, we have the chance to shift the balance of the SCOTUS to the most staunchly liberal position in history. If civil liberties matter to you, this should be your goal above all else.

If the Republican nominee wins, the Supreme Court will be re-populated with the most dangerous hardcore conservative religious zealots to ever sit the bench. And they will control this nation for DECADES.

Your vote has absolutely nothing to do with a revolution. Please stop with that childishness. You are adults. You have a responsibility that will have repercussions for everyone for the rest of our lives. There is a time for risk and a time for extreme caution. There is a time to make a point with your political voice, and there is a time when winning is a matter of life and death. Your vote isn’t about what you want, it’s about who you are.

The Democratic Party nominee will likely be Hillary Clinton. Whether you like it or not, supporting our candidate is the only way to keep the Supreme Court out of Republican hands. Refusing to do your part is certainly a statement- it is the ultimate expression of white privilege.

If you are willing to let a Republican win this election, you are a misogynist, because you are willing to gamble with Roe v. Wade. Not only will abortion be made universally illegal across the country, but further steps will be taken to outlaw birth control and investigate miscarriages as potential homicides. The bills are already written and waiting for the repeal of Roe v. Wade. Hundreds of bills are waiting, in every conservative state, for that one SCOTUS decision that will pitch women back into the dark ages.

If you are willing to let a Republican win this election, you are anti-LGBT, because you are willing to let every same-sex marriage be dissolved and allow such unions to be banned. Adoptions will be reversed and children who were raised by same-sex couples will end up in foster care. Again, the bills are written, waiting for the right SCOTUS to gut civil liberties.

If you are willing to let a Republican win this election, you are not concerned with the health and well-being of your fellow Americans. The ACA will be repealed immediately, along with every program that provides health care to the needy, elderly, veterans and disabled. Privatization will push healthcare out of the reach of most people. The seriously ill will die first, then those with pre-existing conditions who cannot continue treatment. Infant mortality will skyrocket. Quality of life will be reserved for the financially secure, as the rest of us go bankrupt and lose our homes due to hospital bills.

If you are willing to let a Republican win this election, you are an unconscionable bigot of the lowest order, callously dooming MILLIONS of innocent civilians to death in the next inevitable war started by the new GOP president. All of the GOP candidates have promised to tear up the peace agreement with Iran. If you are willing to gamble this fragile treaty, even as Iranians show their hope and optimism with their own democratic elections, you are unabashedly a racist, viewing the lives of Middle Eastern people as disposable.

If you are willing to let a Republican win this election, you are a nihilist, willing to bet the very last opportunity we will EVER have of stopping global warming before it reaches the point of no return. This is it. There are no second chances. A loss in this particular election will keep the dark money in politics, geometrically expanding it past any chance of having a truly free democratic election in this nation for many decades. How much damage did George Bush manage to do to our country, our lives, our planet, in just eight years? How much damage will the Republican Party do to the world if they are in control for SEVERAL DECADES?

Famine, disease, drought and suffering will be commonplace around the globe. Yes, that is how important this ONE election really IS. Your actions have repercussions, and you will be sharing the planet with the people you fucked over. And we will know who did it and why.

Think about that.





The Purist Doth Protest Too Much

People Who Live In Glass Houses Shouldn’t Cry SpeechGate


Everyone deserves to be able to accept whatever amount is offered to them for a speech. The value of the speech is the prerogative of those who wish to draw the speaker to their venue. The speaker owes nothing other than the speech. A savvy speaker cannot be coaxed to give more than the speech in return for the fee. We all know this, and yet a doubt has been pitched at us. Before we allow ourselves to become cynical, maybe we should examine the source of this doubt. Maybe this new cynicism serves a purpose. Or a person.

Bernie wants everyone to think that he has taken some kind of monastic vow of poverty, in which he only accepts money from his fellow humble poor. Why does he do this? He doesn’t want people to think he is beholden to those who have helped him. Why is that a concern for him? Because when he started out in politics, he was helped by conservative Republicans, and found he was compelled to repay favors. Ahhhhhh…. yes, Bernie has a past that isn’t quite so much in line with his myth. Bernie was manipulated, so the only way to avoid that happening again is to refuse to take any money that isn’t a small amount from an individual donor. He doesn’t trust HIMSELF not to be finessed into an obligation.

Now as you can see, that would present a very serious problem when competing with other candidates who can actually handle themselves around those who want something from them. The only solution is to demonize ALL donations outside a very limited parameter, and impose his puritanical austerity on all the other candidates, making sure they feel the scrutiny of the world upon their coffers. This is Bernie’s intimidation tactic. Any substantial donation Hillary accepts will be subjected to rumors and accusations of conflict of interest. He doesn’t even have to offer evidence of a conflict- just the suggestion, whispered to the media, will be furiously trumpeted by his army of feverish zealots, keeping Hillary jumping from one accusation to the next to the next, always on the defensive. The media is fully complicit, ready to spin a rumor into an “investigation”, and failing to prove or retract any tidbit that plays into their lexicon of manufactured Clinton tropes: untrustworthiness, bribery, extravagant living, unexplained deaths, all the way to the Bilderbergs and fabled Illuminati. Quite the playground for a muckraker!

What Bernie didn’t count on was Hillary’s refusal to become secretive in her political dealings. She learned long ago that the best defense against innuendo was a personal sunshine policy. Yes, she pays $600 for a haircut. She’s on TV. That’s what it costs for people in her league. No, she doesn’t drive. Driving isn’t practical for a public figure with a busy schedule who can get a lot done on a tablet in the back seat of a chauffeured car. Yes, she knows people that liberals don’t like and sometimes she is friendly to them, and occasionally they are nice to her. It’s called being a grownup and looking toward the future when she will need to negotiate with many different factions. Hillary’s past is wide open, no rock left unturned. God, how boring. How normal. For fuck’s sake, the woman is a grandmother! You can stop looking for bodies now.

If we had an unbiased media, Bernie’s unnatural obsession with the nonexistent Secret Life of Hillary Clinton would probably begin to draw attention back to him. What is HE hiding that would make him so suspicious of others? The mouse that roared has a spotty academic record. That must sting a little bit. He also has tried to leave behind an embarrassing series of mismanaged personal decisions involving his employment and relationships. His financial adventures point to failure, rather than some kind of ascetic code of honor. All of this could be overlooked, along with his wife’s awkward dealings with the finances of the college from which she was fired. But why tuck all of his personal wealth under his wife’s name? You work for the government, we know your salary. Why pretend to be ignorant of how SuperPACs work? Why pretend to not HAVE them, even as they boast about the ads they are buying? Why the public disdain for large contributions while having fundraisers that ask for $10,000 donations? We see you there, Bernie, basking in the sun on Martha’s Vineyard. We see your emails encouraging donors to make a number of small donations rather than a single large one. And BAM, there it is, the weak link. Suddenly, Bernie collects such a windfall of tiny gifts that the FEC takes notice- how is it possible that a full half of the population of Washington, DC could have donated to his campaign? It’s not possible. You may have the media on your side Bernie, but the FEC is PISSED. And we’re going to stand here with a flashlight and a crowbar to make sure they crack your weird little vault of a hidden life WIDE OPEN.




Think about it. One of the reasons the attacks in Paris were successful is that the terrorist cells took their conversations off of mainstream social media and began using encrypted applications to communicate with each other. We do not have a way to combat that problem either. ISIS doesn’t need to enter the USA. They can recruit people to their cause the way they’ve been doing it all along, by targeting disaffected youth online, and radicalizing them in place, right here in our country.

The people we need to worry about the most are probably already HERE. How many agents do we have to watch all of social media for the signs of recruiting? If we take in refugees who have had their lives completely RUINED by these psychopaths do you think they might possibly have an interest in reporting any untoward activity in their new neighborhood? Do you think they would be motivated to speak up if they overheard a conversation that sounded suspicious? I don’t speak Arabic, do you? Could there possibly be a benefit to having 10,000 native speakers enter our country and help us root out the bad guys?

The Syrian refugees are frightened now. Once they are safe and settled, fear is going to turn to rage against the murderers who chased them out of their homes, and likely slaughtered many people they love. I trust the Syrians. I am confident that if we help them in their time of need, they will want to defend their new home just as much as they want vengeance for what was taken from them. Stop thinking of them as refugees and start picturing them as future Americans! It’s a good look for us.

Bernie’s Baggage


If Bernie Sanders won the Democratic Party nomination, the GOP would drop their campaign of manufactured lies against Hillary Clinton and immediately begin dumping Bernie Sanders’ closet full of skeletons into the daylight. Bernie’s carefully crafted image would disintegrate in a matter of days. His baggage is real, and it’s not pretty.

Bernie Sanders’ father was a high school drop-out, who tormented his family with rants about their financial problems. He blamed society and economic inequality for his plight, though as a white male in a middle class neighborhood, he was hardly among the downtrodden.

This was Bernie’s inspiration to take up the cause of economic justice, though he would spend half of his life as an able-bodied college graduate living off of unemployment checks, and the women in his life, between odd jobs. By his own admission, Bernie was not a great student, starting at Brooklyn College and transferring to Univ. of Chicago, but his enrollment kept him protected from the draft.

He joined socialist organizations and dabbled in far-left communist politics, gaining national notoriety by petitioning the school to let students have sex in the dormitories. This was before birth control and abortion were legal, when there were still very serious repercussions for women if the condom broke, but that didn’t stop him from crusading against those silly rules that were an obstacle to his own satisfaction. He participated in the 1963 March on Washington, a few demonstrations, and was arrested once, but his activism for civil rights ended when he became obsessed with socialism. NOT “democratic socialism”, but oppressive far-left Marxism.

Bernie married his college sweetheart, Deborah Shilling, and spent his small inheritance on a summer home in Vermont on 85 acres. The shack had a dirt floor and no electricity, maintaining his proletariat credibility, but not impressing his new bride. He refused to get a steady job, so his wife didn’t stick around long, divorced after 18 months.

The Viet Nam war was escalating, and when the next draft was announced, Bernie applied for a conscientious objector deferment. His deferment was denied, so he dodged the draft by having a kid out of wedlock in 1969 with his new girlfriend, Susan Mott, even though he STILL wasn’t working, and had no way to support the child. By the time his draft number came up, he was too old to be drafted anyway. He continued to subsist on odd carpentry jobs and unemployment checks, and occasionally selling $15 articles, including the one about how women fantasize about gang rape. He still refused to get a steady job to support his child. His girlfriend left him.

In 1988 he married Jane Driscoll, and took a cold-war era honeymoon in communist USSR. His new wife  supported Bernie financially through his many attempts to win a public office, and shared his radical leftist political views. They visited the pro-Soviet Sandinista Government in Nicaragua known for their human rights violations, support for anti-American terrorists, and the imprisonment and exile of opponents. Bernie blindly overlooked the carnage to stand with fellow socialists. They traveled to Cuba in hopes of meeting Bernie’s hero Fidel Castro, but access to him was denied.

Bernie Sanders managed not to hold a full-time job his entire life or vote in a single election, until he finally ran for Mayor of Burlington at the age of 40. After several failed elections, he finally won the office of Mayor of Burlington, VT, and eventually a Senate seat, which he has managed to keep off and on. For all of his years representing Vermont, Bernie Sanders passed a total of three bills, and two of them were for naming post offices.

He’s a draft-dodging deadbeat dad, a globe-trotting communist dilettante, and a petulant detractor of hard-working honorable Democrats. His one skill is yelling about how unfair the world is, and how everything SHOULD be. But he has no plans for how to make it happen, and no idea what goes on in the rest of the world or how to deal with problems overseas. His excuse for not having a foreign policy or national security plank on his platform: “I’ve only been campaigning for three months.” His socialist friends are bitter about what they see as a betrayal of their values by Bernie’s pursuit of the Democratic nomination. His former wife and girlfriend run when they see reporters and will not speak to the press. Bernie’s past, including a brief stint living in a kibbutz in Israel is cloaked in secrecy. Former employees and coworkers describe him as hostile and belligerent. All of the Democrats in Vermont’s government have endorsed Hillary Clinton. The people who know Bernie best cannot stand him.  His supporters cannot explain how he is qualified to be president. As for his detractors, we can only watch in horror as this Nader 2.0 works an appalling act of sabotage on the Democratic Party.


Republican Party Caught Committing Widespread Voter Fraud

Election officials in several states have uncovered fraudulent voter registration forms submitted by Strategic Allied Consulting, a voter-registration firm created recently to manage GOP registration efforts.

The firm was hired by state Republican parties at the insistence of the Republican National Committee and has already been paid about $3.1 million this year alone to register voters. The firm has been most active in Colorado, Florida, Nevada, North Carolina, and Virginia – all battleground states in the presidential election.

The RNC urged the state GOP in seven swing states to hire the firm, despite the fact that the man who runs it, Nathan Sproul, has owned firms that committed election fraud in the past, including suppressing votes. Major media outlets have reported that RNC officials asked Sproul to set up the new firm so that his past activities would not be linked. Sproul is widely known to have close ties to prominent Republicans.

Sproul served as Executive Director for the Arizona Republican Party from 1999 to 2002. Sproul’s Lincoln Strategy Group was paid about $70,000 by the Mitt Romney campaign during the primaries to gather signatures.

The Los Angeles Times reported that Republican officials were so concerned with the many scandals surrounding Sproul and his previous work, that they asked him to set up the shell corporation to hide payments to him. Sproul’s real firms carry the name Sproul and Associates and Lincoln Strategy Group.

The Times also reported that the Republican Party of California might have its own deal with Sproul, and is also attempting to hide it from the public. The California Republican Party has made at least $430,840 in payments to “Grassroots Outreach, LLC” this cycle for voter registration. Grassroots Outreach shares the same address as Sproul’s office in Tempe, Arizona.

In 2004, Sproul managed an $8 million voter outreach program for Republicans. His employees were caught destroying voter registration forms turned in by Democrats and other illegal activities in Nevada, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Minnesota and West Virginia. Sproul’s firms in the past deceived people in voter registration drives, most prominently at Wal-Mart stores. CBS News reported faxes they received showing Sproul’s firm misrepresenting themselves as the left-leaning America Votes! group.

In 2004, a voter registration worker in Nevada hired by Sproul’s firm told reporters he witnessed his supervisors chucking registration forms signed by Democrats. “They were thrown away in the trash,” the worker claimed. Sproul’s canvassers in Oregon confessed to doing the same thing. In Minnesota, workers said they were actually fired for bringing in registration forms signed by Democrats. Other reports emerged across several swing states.

In 2008, John McCain’s campaign used a firm associated with Sproul, paying it at least $175,000.

 In recent days, election officials in at least ten Florida counties have found fraudulent forms, including many that listed dead people. Strategic employees also turned in registrations with phony names and addresses, according to NBC News. In other cases, the name on the application didn’t match the signature or multiple signatures look like they were signed by the same person.

According to Florida election officials, the Republican Party of Florida’s third party organization has registered 46,000 voters in the state. Florida election officials have so far found hundreds of voter registrations in ten Florida counties with irregularities and could eventually uncover tens of thousands of fraudulent registrations.

Republican efforts to change voter addresses would create situations where voters would be denied their vote or be forced to cast provisional ballots, many of which are never counted in final vote tallies.

Recently, an employee of the firm working out of Colorado Springs was caught saying to a potential voter that she only wanted to register Republicans and that she worked for the county clerk’s office. Colorado’s Republican Party spent $140,000 in June with the firm and $326,000 in July, and likely more money since.

Florida’s St. Augustine Record on Friday posted audio of a volunteer affiliated with the Republican Party of Clay County telling voters that the president is “a Muslim” who will “get rid of your Medicare” and wants to turn American into “a socialistic country.”

In Riverside County, California there have been numerous allegations that someone affiliated with the GOP is deceiving voters to re-register as Republicans and offering incentives, including free cigarettes, for signatures. So far, 133 Democratic voters have filed affidavits which likely means several thousand voters have been deceived. One voter complained that his registration was changed to Republican after he signed what he thought was a petition to legalize marijuana. Another said he was told he was signing a petition to lower the price of gasoline. Reports indicate that minorities are being targeting.

 Now that election officials have uncovered widespread fraud across numerous states, the national Republican Party and state parties are cutting ties with Nathan Sproul and Strategic Allied Partners. In press releases, Republican Party officials have stated that the fraud was committed by one employee even though there are documented cases of fraud in numerous states.

These latest incidents involving the Republican Party come after GOP-led state legislatures in numerous states have been accused of enacting laws to restrict voting. Voting rights advocates have charged that Republicans are disenfranchising millions of voters likely to vote Democrat.

The Brennan Center for Justice at NYU wrote, “This November, restrictive voter ID states will provide 127 electoral votes—nearly half of the 270 needed to win the presidency. Therefore, the ability of eligible citizens without photo ID to obtain one could have a major influence on the outcome of the 2012 election.”

Note: According to 9News, the young woman registering voters outside of the Safeway store worked for the Romney campaign and was still working for them weeks later. Other accounts have indicated that she was wearing a Mormon Church ring.